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Fish 14" 8 1/2"
Overall Print 17" 11"

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Print Only
on cream colored paper
no deckled edge


S6-19 Triggerfish



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8 1/2" x 11"
on cream colored paper
no deckled edge


S6-19s Triggerfish


The Triggerfish Story.

The card games were held nightly throughout the cold winter months in the garage of Jack’s son Kevin. The variety of food was plentiful, prepared mostly by the guys ... who, for the most part were all fishermen. The wood stove kept the place cozy warm with the door partly open to control the temperature.

Bob the Porgy fisherman had been telling Jack he often found Triggerfish in his Porgy traps. He wanted to know if Jack wanted the next one he caught and Jack could try making a fish rubbing of it. Jack said sure .. he’d take the next one and try it.

Bob’s “often” turned out to be a year and a half later. But, one day Jack got the call that his long awaited Triggerfish was in Bob’s cooler on ice.

Attempting to make the rubbing, Jack quickly learned how difficult this fish would be. It had no scales. It’s skin was like sand paper and wouldn’t hold ink. Jack and his wife worked for over two hours trying to get a good impression. All they got was the fins, mouth, and a sandpaper body. It was a very disappointing session. It looked awful.

The next day however, it started to look a little better. It seemed to have a character all it’s own. The fins, eye, and mouth showed up real well. The spots all over the body were different. People even commented on the female lips it had.

As time went on, Jack learned how people took a liking to his Triggerfish which soon became a favorite for many.

And that’s the story of the Triggerfish.

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